Mistletoe harvest in winter

Facing icy temperatures, the white-berry mistletoe is harvested in December – the images provide some impressions about harvesting the apple tree mistletoe.

In the early morning, the Helixor team sets off. After the mistletoes have been cut off the treetops, the full crop bags are transported directly to Rosenfeld, where, on the very day, the plants are gently sorted and prepared for further processing.

  • At dawn...

  • ...the Helixor harvest team is setting off.

  • First sunrays are sparkling...

  • ...and the harvest can begin.

  • High up in the trees...

  • ...misteltoes are cut off by hand.

  • Lots of berries this year! This branch is about 20 years old.

  • Misteltoe and host tree - a strong interconnection.

  • Quality assurance from the very beginning.

  • These well filled bags...

  • ...are ready for further processing in Rosenfeld.

  • The silent beauty of winter...

  • ...the healing power of a winter blooming plant.

  • Magical mistletoe.

  • Following its own rules...

  • ...refusing any rush.

  • A symbol of deceleration.

Helixor processes mistletoes from three host trees: fir, apple, and pine. These three types of mistletoe are harvested four times a year (winter, spring, sommer, autumn) and processed separately. Winter harvest is of particular specificance because not only leaves but also the white berries are used for the winter´s extraction. Learn more about the production workflow for Helixor mistletoe products.