Integrative cancer therapy

Today, a great number of people are seeking out natural remedies and therapies in addition to conventional treatments – not as alternatives, but as complements. Patients want to actively participate in therapy and to improve their quality of life. Many want to use natural remedies to activate self-healing and thus stand up to the cancer.

Mistletoe therapy plays a major role in this. The white-berry mistletoe (Viscum album) is the most commonly used – and most thoroughly tested – medicinal product in complementary oncology. To date, mistletoe's effects on various malignant diseases have been researched in over 100 clinical trials – and 26 of these trials used Helixor products.

Medicinal products made from two species of helleborus (Helleborus niger = Christmas rose, Helleborus foetidus = bear´s foot) are also successfully used for complementary cancer treatment. 

Both therapeutic approaches are based on complementary medicine as an addition to conventional medicine.

Integrative cancer therapy combines complementary and conventional medicine for the patient’s benefit.

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