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Mistletoe Products from Helixor

Helixor® Medical Products are exclusively distributed in Nigeria by KLEEF & HELIXOR Pharmaceutical Nigeria Ltd. Helixor® mistletoe therapy products are injectable medications which are approved to be used in integrative oncology. Two types of Helixor® can be obtained, gained from mistletoes which have grown on different host trees:

Helixor® A (Viscum album abietis)
Helixor® M (Viscum album mali)

How to use Helixor®

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How to get Helixor®

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Helixor Heilmittel GmbH

The products are produced by Helixor Heilmittel GmbH in Germany. The company is active in more than 20 countries and has more than 40 years of experience in natural products in integrative oncology. The company controls the complete production process from the harvest of pharmaceutical plants over extraction, purification, and ampoule filling to distribution and after sales services. All Helixor® mistletoe products are manufactured in line with the European Union’s “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) guidelines and are subject to strict quality control. Further information: www.helixor.com